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Hey Bee-autiful, WELCOME to the Hive! BEE-OCH Organics is whole body wellness with an attitude problem. Unapologetically designed to rid any and all synthetic chemicals from your daily routine. From skincare, mineral makeup, and pro-aging products to teeth, deo, and outdoor actives, each BEE-OCH product has a FULL 5-step traceback system all the way back to the farmers who grew our ingredients.

With integrity and transparency at the heart, our 100% Natural and USDA Organic Certified Products will change the way you feel about beauty. Don’t believe us? Check the label. Beecause we’re tired of greenwashed companies that claim “clean”, “natural”, and “healthy” and still have things like phenoxyethanol and hidden “fragrance” on the ingredient panel. Bottom line, if we can’t make it 100% clean, then we don’t make it. And it certainly doesn’t belong in your daily routine.

Each product is made right here in our Fort Lupton, Colorado organic facility. So, you get the cleanest and freshest beauty products you can possibly find directly from the manufacturer (us) to your doorstep! With sustainable packaging and refillable options that you can feel great about over and over again.

Have questions? Let’s bee friends! Reach out to us directly anytime to get fast, fun, friendly, and educational customer service (never any bots). For women who demand ultra-clean ingredients, by women who demand ultra-clean ingredients. We’re here to help you fall back in love with your skin and your beauty routine by boosting your confidence every time you apply. We can’t wait for you to experience the organic difference with superior performance and natural glow that will have you wondering why you didn’t switch sooner! 🖤 Brooke, Valerie, Vivian, and Leslie (Your favorite BEE-OCHes)

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4 Ways to Apply Tinted Mineral Foundation

Organic CBD Products

Bee-Och Organics CBD

It's all about that "base": BEE-OCH CBD products are an addition of our original USDA Organic Certified Line of Skin & Personal Care Products.

We are proud to formulate only pure, organic, 100% chemical-free and truly effective products, with industrial hemp sourced only from certified organic farms. Lab tested for purity and THC-free for customers subject to screenings.

Check out over 100 5-star reviews from our customers who found relief in all walks of life where traditional methods have failed them.


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CBD Products

CBD Products

The Beginning

How it all Bee-Gan

Hey there, Brooke here!

Six years ago, on my birthday, I clicked “Publish” on my very first website. But it wasn’t as simple as just a click…

You might bee thinking, “geez why would you spend your birthday working on a website?”. You see, whenever I am working, it’s really just me doing what I love….

The BEE-OCH story began when I was still in college as a pre-med student. Back then, ingredients in products didn’t mean a thing to me. I studied ingredients. Even learned to draw different chemical structures and interactions. But not once did I think to myself, “Yuck, why is this in here?”

Not until my little baby girl came along that is. It was this big bottle of “all natural” cocoa butter I was using on my growing belly that really ignited the whole thing (look, I still have it just as a reminder!)

So I’m standing there, mindlessly applying this bottle of toxic horror and skimming the chemical names like I often did, when it hit me like a rolled up newspaper…

Why is cocoa butter (in a cocoa butter lotion) the 7th ingredient in line!? Why is cocoa butter among 17 other ingredients at all when I could just buy actual cocoa butter!? Why am I paying for water? What are all these other ingredients for?

I panicked. I was scared for my little unborn baby that was only a few layers of skin away. I can only describe it as a sinking, cold sweat type of feeling. And then and there, the research began. 

As it turns out, this bottle alone contains parabens that are hormone distruptors (mimicking estrogen), “fragrance” that hides their trade secret (a chemical witches brew that we aren’t allowed to know), sulfate which is a sudsing agent (strange combo for a lotion, eh?), and last but not least, 4 different color dyes (just in case they haven’t fooled us enough already). 

Now, the story doesn’t immediately proceed with gung-hoeing some amazing clean formulas. It actually starts in the skincare isle at the local drug store. My cart was loaded up with the oh-so popular “natural” brand. But before I could drop over $100 on new lotion, shampoo, lip balm, toothpaste, and sunscreen, I took a peek at the ingredient panels…

To my surprise, the formulas were very similar to their “non-natural” counterparts (just with some added natural ingredients for good measure). What I came to realize is that every single product labeled and marketed as natural in that isle were not natural at all! A term I would later find out is called “greenwashing”. 

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t justify spending 5 times more on the same damn thing! Everything in my cart went back on the shelf that day and I left the store empty handed and full-on angry. 

I knew there had to bee a better way. I threw out (ok, recycled rather) all of my smelly bottles of nonsense in the medicine cabinet and bathroom drawers and started from scratch.

Over the next 3 or 4 years, I had only one thing in mind. Formulating and perfecting truly clean products with only organic ingredients (beeswax lip balm being the very first) before I even thought of turning it into a business.

Then one day my husband asked, “B, do you really want to make lip balm for a living?” and I blurted out, “Yeah, BEE-OCH!”. We both looked at each other with the same amused idea. That was it!

So there you have it. The reason I work on my bee-day is because this is my passion. This is what I get excited about. This is what I am here to do. Thank you from the bottom of my little queen BEE-OCH crown for all your support over these past 8 years. It has been the most amazing experience and I am so excited to keep improving, innovating, and growing as a business and a person with you on your chemical-free journey. 


Your new favorite BEE-OCH

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Meet your BEE-OCHes at Bee-Och Organic

We NEVER test on animals! EWG Skin Deep Safety Ratings

Try Me Trios

Try Me Trios

Buzz Off

Buzz Off

Sixteen Toxic Ingredients You Will Never Find In Our Products


AM Routine

Step 01


Wash All 3-in-1 Face Wash & Body Cleanser

Step 02


Vitamin C Toner
or our CBD Toner

Step 03


Organic Facial
Glow Oil

Step 04


Any Mineral Makeup Product is both sunscreen and makeup steps in one

Tips and Tricks to STAY Committed to Your Skincare Routine!

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PM Routine

Step 01

Remove MAkeup

Oil Cleanser
Makeup Remover

Step 02


Wash All 3-in-1 Face Wash & Body Cleanser

Step 03


Coffee & Charcoal
Facial Scrub

Step 04


Vitamin C Toner
or our CBD Toner

Step 05


Retinol Wrinkle Roller

Step 06


Organic Night Elixir


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Fun Fact

Pro Tip: Wear sweat bands around your wrists when cleansing your face to keep your sleeves dry!

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