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Free Shipping on orders $99+ :black_heart: FREE Gift with every $100 Spent!

Welcome to the

V.I.Bee Program

Earn more Pollen Points for different actions, and turn those Pollen Points into awesome rewards!

Ways to Earn

Sign Up

500 Pollen Points

Place an Order

5 Pollen Points for ever $1 spent

Referral Link Signup

1000 Pollen Points

Completed Referral

1000 Pollen Points

Monthly Top Points Earner

500 Pollen Points

Leave a Product Review

200 Points

Spend more than $150+

100 Points

Celebrate a Birthday

500 Pollen Points

Ways to Reedem

$5 Coupon

500 Pollen Points

$10 Coupon

1,000 Pollen Points

$20 off Coupon

2,000 Pollen Points

$30 off Coupon

3,000 Pollen Points

Referral Program

Referral Program

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.
To get your sharable link, login and scroll to Referral Program section to grab your Referral code!

You Get

1000 Pollen Points

They Get

1000 Pollen Points

Fun Fact

Did you know? THe OCH in BEE-OCH stands for bee Original bee Change bee Heard