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NEW! Tinted Moisturizer – 24% Natural Sunscreen Minerals



  • All in One Multi-Tasker: This super-clean 3-in-1 morning facial moisturizer provides flawless coverage, natural sunscreen minerals, AND deep hydrating, occlusive moisture to seal and protect your natural glowing face throughout the day!
  • Super-Clean Ingredients: NEVER any parabens, talc, heavy metals, preservatives or artificial fragrance. You can rest easy knowing your beauty routine is truly contributing to your beauty, without a chemical in sight.
  • One and Done: This is the EASIEST morning makeup routine you’ve ever had! Just shake, drop, moisturize. DONE & Out the door! No need to think twice about applying your moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup separately.
  • Confidence Queen: Get ready to feel like your younger you when you look in the mirror! The coverage from the Tinted Moisturizer is second to none and is achieved with only ¼ to half a dropperful!
  • Antioxidant Power: We’d never leave out your free-radical fighters! Infused with non-GMO Vitamin E to combat environmental skin-stressors throughout the day.
  • Choose your perfect shade: The Tinted Moisturizers are created with the perfect “neutrals” meaning they match almost any skin tone regardless your undertone. We recommend choosing Valerie for fair skin, Tiffany for olive skin, Katie for tan skin, and Vivian for dark skin.

We love to brag about our uber-clean, organic ingredients – look for yourself!

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Skin type: All Skin Types

Consistency: Liquid

Scent: Unscented

Application: Apply in the morning after cleansing and toner.

Shelf Life: Up to 12 Months after Opening

Skin Concerns Addressed: Sensitive skin, Redness and Rosacea-prone skin, Aging and Mature Skin, Uneven skintone

Packaging: 1 OZ Glass Dropper Bottle

Refills Available: No (Bee a hero – please recycle when you are finished!)

How To: Use daily as your STEP 3 after cleansing and toner! See instructions tab for more information.

8 reviews for NEW! Tinted Moisturizer – 24% Natural Sunscreen Minerals


    I just picked some of this up and love it! I usually use the tinted mineral powder each morning (Tiffany) and wanted to give this a try. It is light and has great coverage! Really makes my skin look smooth and like another reviewer said “It doesn’t settle in lines and wrinkles.”. It having sunscreen minerals in it is incredible as well! I don’t have to worry about apply a separate product.

  2. Denise

    This tinted moisturizer is the best for my mature dry skin! It doesn’t settle in lines and wrinkles. I love it!!!!

  3. [email protected]

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this moisturizer. My face has never felt more hydrated, silky smooth, and glowing. I’ll never go back to traditional makeup brands again.

  4. Felicia Shelley

    Used this for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it! It actually covered some problem areas and I’ll definitely be buying more.

  5. Stefanie Muscat

    I am in my late 40s, have very reactive, combination skin and have tried a great number of products for SPF, foundation and moisturizer. This one product blew them all out of the water! It gives my skin a light dewy youthful glow, provides just enough moisturizing, and even protects me from the sun! And all in one bottle. On days I need a little more concealing, I use the foundation stick in the same color (Valerie) under my eyes. If I want a more matte finish, I use the mineral powder in the same color. This is a winner!

  6. Katie L

    I’ve been using multiple products to get what this product is! It’s amazing that it’s a Moisturizer/sunscreen/tinted so I can throw it on and be set!

  7. Krista

    I love this new product! I have been a user of the mineral foundation for a couple of years; I am now using this and only using the foundation in a couple of areas where my 50 year old skin could use a little extra coverage. It’s very moisturizing and leaves me with a dewy finish.

  8. Emily Green

    This new Bee-och product is a game-changer for my morning routine. The tinted moisturizer is lightweight, not at all greasy, and so easy and mess-free to apply. I don’t like to wear foundation or even BB cream everyday, so this is my go-to. I have semi-tan olive-toned skin and Katie is the perfect tint. Cannot recommend enough!!

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How To: Use daily as your STEP 3 after cleansing and toner!

  1. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE BY FLIPPING UPSIDE DOWN AND SHAKING FOR AT LEAST 30 SECONDS. MINERAL SETTLING IS NORMAL! Don’t forget to squeeze dropper a couple times to blend contents of the glass pipette.
  2. Apply ¼ to ½ dropperful to clean hands or BEE-OCH Foundation Brush and massage into face and neck.

Pro-Tip! We know your skin looks absolutely flawless even at the end of the day, but bee sure to treat the New Tinted Moisturizer as makeup and remove at night before your regular nighttime skincare routine.

How do I choose the right shade for my skin tone? The Tinted Moisturizers are created with the perfect “neutrals” meaning they match almost any skin tone regardless your undertone. We recommend choosing Valerie for fair skin, Tiffany for olive skin, Katie for tan skin, and Vivian for dark skin.

Ingredients: * Cucurbita pepo L (Pumpkin Seed) Oil, * Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, 24% Zinc Oxide (Natural Sunscreen Mineral), Iron Oxide (Mineral Color), Vitamin E (non-GMO)

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Fun Fact

*Fragrance * Did you know that this one little word can umbrella up to 200 individual chemical compounds, without having to be listed on the ingredient panel? At BEE-OCH, we never ever use artificial fragrance or hide ingredients from you.