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Mineral Sunscreen Stick

(14 customer reviews)

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Meet your new sunshine wing woman for care-free UV protection!

Sunshine Vibes Simplified: Our Mineral Sunscreen Sticks bring you a safe and no-nonsense ingredient panel. Made with just 7 natural and organic ingredients, featuring the safest sunscreen actives possible; 24% zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sunscreen minerals along with skin-nourishing Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil and Non-GMO Vitamin E Antioxidant, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on you and your kiddos skin.

Refills for Less Plastic: New refillable twist-up tubes – 91% less plastic than the full assembly! Shipped in compostable parchment paper for an eco-conscious solution to sun protection. Hive five, you eco-genius!

Saving your skin, and the Oceans: We love our super clean and ocean-friendly formula, safe for “wee” creatures and sea creatures. Crafted solely with non-nano natural sunscreen minerals. Never any oxybenzone or octinoxate (or any other chemical UV filter for that matter).

No Mess, No Fuss: The easy-to-apply twist-up stick is your BeeFF for simple sun protection – effortless, on-the-go application, without the mess.

Uncompromising Protection: Organic Beeswax helps protect skin and bead up water even during aquatic adventures.

Tailored Protection: Control your coverage by rubbing in or leaving on white – giving you the power to safeguard your skin on your terms.

Level up your sun care routine with BEE-OCH Mineral Sunscreen Sticks – the clean, easy-to-apply solution for sun protection that cares for your skin and the planet.

We love shamelessly bragging about our uber-clean, organic ingredients. At BEE-OCH HQ, you’ll never find artificial fragrance, toxic chemicals and preservatives, or animal testing. Look for yourself!

14 reviews for Mineral Sunscreen Stick

  1. VM

    I’ve been told that mineral sun creams are generally thick, so I knew to expect that with this product. As it turns out, it truly is work to spread this all over my skin– it’s a bit hard to spread. So while I’ll keep using this product until it runs out, I will probably keep exploring other healthy sun block options.

  2. Sheila F.

    I grabbed this product off the shelf of Rich Bich Clinic in New York City and it was a great buy for me Im a darker skin tone and even though its a white mineral cream it does rub in great overtime & blends in with your skin. It also mixes well with my moisturizer.

  3. Marci Miller

    I live in AZ and always need sunscreen. We do a lot of biking and this sunscreen stays put, does not get in your eyes and works. The best is that it is natural. 🙂

  4. Dee

    This sunscreen doesnt smell strongly, goes on easily and is effective. I use it on sensitive facial skin with no issues.

  5. Michelle

    Sunscreen can be such a chore! This stick makes it so easy! Just glides right on and simply smooth over! Love it!

  6. Jessica Ferrari

    love it, doesn’t leave a greasy mess!

  7. Erin

    I’ve used this sunscreen, and I’m the whitest kid I know, and it works wonders! Love my Bee-och products!

  8. Ann

    We’ve had this sunscreen stick in our baby bag for the last year. It works great and has kept our fair skinned babe sunburn free. It takes a little rub in, but she doesn’t mind!

  9. Arista Cruse

    When I say I hate regular sunscreen, I mean I HATE it. BUT this stuff is AMAZING! I hate the smell of regular sunscreen, but this one doesn’t smell!!! I hate the greasy, nasty feeling of regular sunscreen, but this one isn’t greasy or nasty feeling. It is the ONLY sunscreen I’ve found that works but you can’t tell you have it on. I’ll never use anything else.

  10. Michelle W.

    I love this product so much that I have to have at least 2 on hand; one for daycare, one for mom’s purse. 😉

    Glides on smoothly with great coverage. Easy to blend and no mess. No awful smell like conventional sunscreens. 🙌🏼

    And the best part is I have 100% piece of mind knowing that the ingredients are safe and clean! We just love Bee-Och products!

  11. Kate

    I have tried a fair amount of sunscreens that are organic. Most either feel sticky or don’t do their job! This one protects you very well! The stick makes it fairly easy to apply and in my opinion a little goes a long way. Plus, it smells great!

  12. Kelly H

    Live in 360 days of sun with sensitive skin and a love of outdoors. This product has been a “lifesaver” and even adds a touch of moisture to my skin. Just keep it out of the sun itself, will easily melt!

  13. Ann

    We’ve had this sunscreen stick in our baby bag for the last year. It works great and has kept our fair skinned babe sunburn free. It takes a little rub in, but she doesn’t mind!

  14. Michelle Winter

    Love this so much bought one for the purse, daycare and home! The stick is perfect for mess free application. So easy to use even my 3 year old can apply (with a little of moms help 🙂 ) I love the chemical free formula. Works great and no issue with sunburn. Highly recommend to EVERYONE.

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🖤Bee-auty Blueprint🖤


Skin Type: All Skin Types

Absorption Speed: Medium

Scent: Unscented

Application: Every two hours starting at least 20 minutes before going outside and after swimming, sweating or towel drying.

Shelf Life: Up to 12 Months after Opening.

Concerns Addressed: Sensitive Skin, Allergies to Crappy Ingredients, Ocean-friendly sunscreen options

Packaging: 2oz – Plastic Twist Up Tubes; (bee nature’s BFF and reuse & refill them when you’re done)

Refills Available: Yes! We have 2 OZ Refills that are 91% less plastic and come wrapped in compostable parchment paper so you can refill your twist up tubes over and over again! *We recommend storing your refill in an airtight container until you’re ready to refill your tube*

How To: See “Instructions” for best use.

We love shamelessly bragging about our uber-clean, organic ingredients – look for yourself!


Twist up Mineral Sunscreen Stick and use stick to apply generously and evenly on exposed skin at least 20 minutes before going outside.


  • After swimming or sweating.
  • Immediately after towel drying.
  • At least every two hours.

Sun Protection Pro-Tips: Spending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer and early signs of skin aging. To decrease this risk, regularly use a sunscreen that is a Broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher and combine with other sun protection measures such as:

  • Limiting time in the sun, especially between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Wearing long sleeve shirts, hats, pants, and sunglasses.

Note: Protect your container from excessive heat over 125 F and from direct sun. Avoid storing Mineral Sunscreen Stick in a hot car or location that would exceed this temperature.

Have questions? Give us a buzz in the chat box or call or text us at 303-506-3124. We’d love to help!

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide (non-nano) 24%, *Cucurbita maxima (Pumpkin Seed) oil, *Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) oil, *Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) oil, *Cera alba (Beeswax), Vitamin E (non-GMO)
*Certified Organic Ingredient

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Fun Fact

Did you know? Red 40, Yellow 5, and Blue 2 are the most common dyes approved for use by the FDA. Their studies show that these tiny amounts of dye in food can’t have harmful effects… The problem is they fail to acknowledge the cumulative effect of dyes across all the products we use. There is not reason for added dyes in your skincare! Here at BEE-COH we use only MINERAL colors called Iron Oxides.