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Organic Deodorant – Aluminum & Baking Soda-Free


Deodorant talk is definitely “the pits” – but finding a natural deo that actually works, doesn’t sting like a hornet, and keeps you feeling like fresh flowers all day… It’s like finding a jacka-uni-yeti, right? Well, your mythical creature is right here in the form of our USDA Organic Certified Deodorant!

  • Sensitive Skin Approved: Our baking soda-free formula ensures that your sensitive underarms will never burn or bee irritated.
  • Easy Application: The no-mess twist-up tube makes our Organic Deodorant as easy as swipe and go! No need to scoop from a jar and then figure out how to apply with your fingers – yuck!
  • Longest-Lasting: We recommend applying only a thin layer for all-day wear, making our large 2 OZ tubes last 3-5 months on average before they need to bee refilled!
  • Super-Clean Ingredients: Our USDA Organic formula is the Queen Bee treatment you and your pits deserve. You can apply with confidence knowing that your skin will never bee exposed to toxic chemicals or sneaky hidden fragrances. Our Organic Deodorant is formulated with only 5 ultra-clean ingredients that you can feel good about!
  • Refillable Packaging: Reuse our worker bee twist up tubes over and over again with our REFILLs that come wrapped in compostable parchment paper!

🖤Bee-auty Blueprint🖤


Skin type: All Skin Types, Catering to Sensitive Skin

Absorption Speed: Medium

Scent: Calming Lavender or Grounding Earthtone with Cedarwood & Frankincense

Application: Immediately after washing underarms. Do not reapply after initial application for the day.

Shelf Life: Up to 12 Months after Opening

Skin Concerns Addressed: Skin sensitivities, Aluminum-Free Odor Control

Packaging: 2 oz Twist Up Tubes (bee nature’s BFF and reuse & refill them when you’re done)

Refills Available: Yes, keep your 2 OZ Twist Up Tubes to be refilled with our refill inserts that come wrapped in compostable parchment paper. Hive five!

How To: Use twist up tube to apply to clean underarms immediately after cleansing. See “Instructions” for 3 of our Top Pro-Tips for Natural Pits!


We love shamelessly bragging about our uber-clean, organic ingredients – look for yourself!

19 reviews for Organic Deodorant – Aluminum & Baking Soda-Free

  1. Emily

    There was a live take over on O’Reillys Boutique and saw this. I got both lavender and earthtone because I couldn’t decide lol
    I’ve used alot of different “organic” deodorant but I always smelled. I’m a person that can sweat in -45° 🙄 so I’m willing to try anything to help. Well I’m very pleased with both of these. I’ll definitely buy more! Thank you for taking over O’Reillys that one day!!

  2. Jana

    Impressed with the product and business! I’ll be back for more, again and again.

  3. Barbara mallon

    Me and my hubby both love it

  4. Test


  5. Stormy

    I was hesitant to give this a try wondering if it would be effective. It is and i love the fact that its natural. Will buy again.

  6. Marcia

    This organic deodorant really works. It controls odor & smells nice. It also last a long time…you only need to use a little, no need to slather on.

  7. Sue GG

    Great deoderant. So happy to find an organic, safe, great smelling and effective product.

  8. Charlene Mangione

    This is the absolute best organic deodorant on the face of the earth. It is amazing! I love the lavender. Subtle, lovely scent. I used to have an issue with organic deodorants controlling odor and perspiration….not anymore. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product!

  9. Candace

    Perfect consistency, easy to apply, smell is not overpowering, and it works!

  10. Billie Jo

    I have been using natural deodorant in the winter for a while, but always switch back to antiperspirant when the weather warms up due to wetness. I read other reviews, and they weren’t lying when they said this product keeps you dry. It really does!! And the scent fades away as it dries, so you just smell clean. Great product to keep us safe and dry!

  11. Jeannie R Amsalem

    I am beyond happy with my new Organic Deodorant! I am allergic to everything but thankfully haven’t had an issue with this one! I highly recommend this company! Thanks ladies:)

  12. Kirsten

    After using a traditional chemical filled deodorant for the better part of 30 years, I made the switch to Bee-otch’s deodorant in the stick form. The hardest part for me is the sweating! I’ve discovered that I’m a sweater, and this is not so great in professional and other situations where I’m out in the world 🙂 I recently discovered the Magnesium Spray Deo and IT HAS CHANGED MY WORLD! Seriously. No more sweating!!!!! And so easy to apply. I find that one application in the morning lasts all day. Keeping my underarms dry, and stink free. A huge Thank You to Brooke, the owner, for creating this amazing magical spray 🙂

  13. Ronda

    I love this deodorant! I have tried so many natural deodorants and they don’t work – I smell awful. I had about given up when I found Bee Och. I’m on my second tube and using it everyday. It is easy to use, smells nice and keeps me smelling nice! Thank you, Brooke for making such a great product!

  14. Mairin

    I have tried many, many natural deodorants in the last few years on the hunt for the best one for me, and Bee-och trumps them all! I love that it is baking soda free, so it doesn’t irritate my skin, it smells great, and best of all keeps me smelling great all day long!

  15. Kate Kaus

    This is the first (out of what seems like hundreds of trials) Organic deodorant that actually does the job! It smells amazing and doesn’t leave a caked on feel. Plus, one tube lasts for months!!

  16. Michelle Winter

    This is the first natural deodorant I used after using conventional deodorant all my life. This has a nice smell and I love that there’s no chemicals.

    Also it’s great that this product doesn’t discolor my shirts like conventional deodorant did and also this leaves no “film” under my arms like conventional deodorant did.

    Thank you for making a great, safe deodorant!

  17. Melissa

    Love that my deodorant is not full of nasty chemicals! Smells good too 😊

  18. Test


  19. Ronda

    I love this deodorant! I have tried so many natural deodorants and they don’t work – I smell awful. I had about given up when I found Bee Och. I’m on my second tube and using it everyday. It is easy to use, smells nice and keeps me smelling nice! Thank you, Brooke for making such a great product!

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Use twist up tube to apply to clean underarms immediately after cleansing.

3 Pro-Tips to Help any Natural Deo work best:

  1. Apply only a very thin layer (2-3 quick light swipes) only enough that your body can absorb.
  2. Bee sure to apply to clean underarms so the smelly microbes don’t stand a chance.
  3. Stay clean shaven – this will reduce the surface area for odor-causing bacteria to grow! (That’s not science, that’s just math!)

Have questions? Give us a buzz in the chat box or call or text us at 303-506-3124. We’d love to help!

Earthtone Ingredients: *Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, *Cera alba (Beeswax),*Olea europea (Olive fruit) Oil, *Arrowroot Powder *Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood) Oil,*Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) oil, Boswellia serrata (Frankincense) oil, Vitamin E (non-GMO),

Lavender Ingredients: *Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, *Cera alba (Beeswax),*Olea europea (Olive fruit) Oil, *Arrowroot Powder *Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Vitamin E (non-GMO),

*Organic Ingredient

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