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Organic Menthol Muscle Rub


Introducing your new secret weapon for those cranky muscles and joints – our USDA Organic Certified Menthol Muscle Rub!

  • Cooling Menthol: Infused with the cooling power of menthol and the soothing touch of organic eucalyptus.
  • Fast-Acting: Feel the super-cool difference in less than 15 minutes!
  • No-Mess Application: Our convenient twist up tubes allow for easy application AND helps your Muscle Rub go farther and last for longer, even if you use it every day!
  • Endless Uses: It’s always a bee-light when your products can do more than one thing! Our customers have found countless uses for the Organic Menthol Rub and their testimonials speak for themselves by folks from all walks of life suffering from arthritis, inflammation, pain, headaches, cramps, muscle stiffness, and much more.
  • Super-Clean Ingredients: Our USDA Organic formula is the natural solution that works with your body and with nature. You can apply with confidence knowing that your skin will never bee exposed to toxic chemicals or sneaky hidden fragrances. Looking for an extra powerful kick? Check out the CBD-infused version here: Organic Menthol CBD Rub
  • Refillable Packaging: Refill your twist up tubes over and over again or repurpose them for DIY crafts or in the kitchen.
  • Pro-Tip! Try our Queen BEE-OCHes favorite self-care: Apply across the back of your neck and shoulders for a burst of soothing refreshment from stress and tension.

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Skin type: N/A

Absorption Speed: Medium

Scent: Minty Organic Menthol & Eucalyptus (NO smelly camphor!)

Application: Apply as needed up to 4 times per day.

Shelf Life: Up to 18 Months after Opening.

Concerns Addressed: Check out our 5-Star testimonials from real customers that swear by our organic formula!

Packaging: 2 OZ Plastic Twist up Tubes & 2OZ Refills (bee nature’s BFF and reuse & refill them when you’re done)

Refills Available: Yes, the 2 OZ Tubes can be refilled with 91% less plastic in our refills wrapped in compostable parchment paper. Hive five!

How To: Use the convenient twist-up tube to apply directly to skin. Avoid eyes, open wounds, or broken skin.


We love shamelessly bragging about our uber-clean, organic ingredients – look for yourself!

12 reviews for Organic Menthol Muscle Rub

  1. Meghan

    I love this stuff! Really helps with my lower back pain.

  2. Lou Ann Wheeler

    Our daughter in law gave this to my husband for his pain. He loves it, we have bought more of it. A friend tried it for his knees he’s loves it also. Works fast, easy to apply, no mess.

  3. Kim

    We use this after every hike for tired legs and knees!

  4. Casey

    I LOVE this muscle rub! It truly does give your sore muscles relief, so I take it with me pretty much everywhere I go by keeping one in my purse. You won’t regret buying it!!

  5. April

    I honestly love this stuff so so much. I use it as it is intended for my chronic neck pain but also on my chest when I am congested. I have half a tube left and just ordered another so I do not run out! Their customer service is 5 star as well. They have always been prompt in responding and helped with anything I needed immediately. Highly highly highly recommend!!!

  6. Melissa

    I recently purchased the muscle rub and have found it be the greatest thing to have. I am finding using this product is better than taking ibuprofen. My cat, Quincy loves the scent, too and sits right by when I have it on. So glad you have this product.

  7. Andrea A

    So glad I found this product!! Fast acting and a must!!! Smells great so that’s a bonus 🙂

  8. Karen M.

    This stuff is so wonderful – works much like an icy hot (only better actually), but is organic, actually leaves my skin feeling moisturized after the menthol sensation fades and doesn’t leave my hands covered in menthol oil because of the handy applicator. I have MS and have frequent odd sensations and pain bursts in my legs, this helps fade those to the background and it is amazing. The service and customer focus is also amazing. Once I bought a stick of this at a show – and forgot it there – they promptly shipped it out to me and were even graceful enough to act like it wasn’t my fault 🙂

  9. Colleen

    Really works. Love the no mess, easy application too. Highly recommend

  10. Vanessa

    Purchased this originally for my boyfriend for his aches and pains associated with him playing softball. And I find myself using as well!! Works very quickly and smells amazing and isn’t too over powering and most muscle creams can be. This Muscle rub will be a continued purchase for our household!!

  11. Erin Kascsak

    I use both this stick and the CBD stick to help with my muscle aches and pains. I suffer from back pain daily and I never leave home without one of my Bee-Och pain relief rubs. They also really help me get to sleep at night if I put it on right before bed.

  12. Michelle Winter

    Love this stick for sore and tight muscles! It’s fast working and no mess applicator works very well on hard to reach areas!

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How To: Use the convenient twist-up tube to apply directly to skin. Avoid eyes, open wounds, or broken skin.

Have questions? Give us a buzz in the chat box or call or text us at 303-506-3124. We’d love to help!

Ingredients: *Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, *Cera alba (Beeswax),*Olea europea (Olive fruit) Oil, *Mentha arvensis (Menthol), Vitamin E (non-GMO), *Eucalyptus radiata (Eucalyptus) Oil *Organic Ingredient

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