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Pain BEE Gone Trio – 200, 600 or 1000mg


Seeking natural relief without the pill poppin’? Say hello to our Pain Bee Gone Trio – your ultimate squad for combatting discomfort, organically.

Here’s what’s buzzing in this powerhouse set:

  1. Organic Menthol CBD Rub: Customize your relief! Choose between 200mg, 600mg, or 1000mg strengths to target pain points with the power of CBD and organic menthol for that cool relief you crave.
  2. CBD Temple Roller: Experience tranquility on-the-go with this temple roller boasting 100mg of CBD. It’s your quick remedy for soothing headaches, stress, and discomfort – a little zen in a rollerball.
  3. CBD Bath Bomb: Unwind in a luxurious soak with 50mg of CBD packed into a bath bomb. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and relief, transforming your tub into a spa-like experience.

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Organic Menthol CBD Rub: 200, 600, or 1000mg


CBD Temple Roller: 100mg

CBD Bath Bombs - 50mg

Limited Availability:

Our Pain BEE Gone Trio comes with our top-selling CBD products:

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See individual products for full ingredients and descriptions.

How do I choose which strength to get? We recommend starting low and working your way up, but PRO-TIP! When you go up in strength, you can typically apply less and less often. The lower strength 200mg lasts about 2-3 hours on average, whereas the 1000mg can last up to the majority of the day. We recommend the lower strengths when applying after workouts or sleeping wrong, for example, and the higher strengths when dealing with more long-term, chronic issues.


Can I still use the Pain Bee Gone Products if I get random drug screenings? Yes, all 3 of the products in the Pain Bee Gone Trio are 100% THC-Free and will not affect a drug screen. Send us an email to get a copy of the current COA (Certificate of Analysis)!

See individual products for full ingredients and descriptions.

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