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Hot-Cold Aromatherapy Rice Pack
Beehive Pattern
Hot-Cold Aromatherapy Rice Pack
Hot-Cold Aromatherapy Rice Pack

Hot-Cold Aromatherapy Rice Pack

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Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Rice Packs with Handles (New Patterns are Here!):

  • Perfect to wrap across your back, over your shoulders, and around your knees
  • Infused with Organic Lavender and Eucalyptus Essential Oil for calming sore muscles and joints and reducing inflammation.
  • Handles vary in color (white, black, or gray)

​​Pop your Aromatherapy Pack in the microwave with a half glass of water for about 2 minutes to warm. 
Keep them in the freezer for an ice pack that's perfect to put directly on the skin. 

Size: 6"x18" with 10" handles - average 2 pounds
*Prefer unscented? Make a note at checkout.

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