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Dying to tell you…

Hi lovely, Brooke here!

They say that you eat with your eyes first. That makes sense… something has to look appealing before you’re willing to put it in your mouth.

The same is true for skincare. You’d be more inclined to apply a lotion that is white or yellow VS brown. Or to enjoy a bath bomb that’s full of pretty colors. 

Unfortunately, the road to making products look appealing isn’t black and white. Take a look at this store-bought lotion (yes, the very same bottle that had me asking questions all those years ago when I was preggers with my baby girl):

There are not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 different artificial dyes to give it this yellowish color. This particular lotion would likely be white or grayist in color otherwise. 

And check out this DIY bath bomb kit from Wally World. Complete with your synthetic dyes already in the box…
So it begs the question… would you rather rub 4 different synthetic, petroleum-based dyes into your skin and then soak in a steamy, hot pool of them -OR- simply use a product that wasn’t quite the color you were expecting?

Here at BEE-OCH HQ, the answer IS black and white. We would never make you choose in the first place!

That’s why we don’t manipulate color in any of our products unless that’s the function of the product itself. And we use ONLY natural and mineral-based colors in our mineral makeup line: Tinted Mineral Foundation, Tinted Lip Balm, Tinted Moisturizer, and Tinted Mineral Powder!

And so, when we make fun new Limited Edition Bath Bombs for different holidays, our standard is to use only organic fruit and root extracts to make them look this bee-autiful!

Introducing our Limited-Edition LOVE Bombs – BACK only for Valentine’s Day to put a little romance in your tub – WITHOUT the artificial dyes, fragrance, or ridiculous glitter.
Made with organic beet root to give it this gorgeous pink color, organic rose petals that float at the surface once dissolved, and organic rose water for a scent that will send you into a buzzing oblivion!

So, next time you see a vibrantly colored bath bomb or some sort of whipped bath goo… remember to check the ingredient list first. Even your run of the mill “C” word contains dyes! See for yourself the organic difference:

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t put the top one anywhere near my lips! It looks like it could easily be the ingredients of the grease you find when you’re changing the tires on your car. YUCK! But unfortunately, the reality is that it’s the ingredient panel for one of the most widely known lip balm brands in the world.

It’s ok, we’ll let you go now so you can find all your old lip balm and toss it out 😉 As always, cheers to you on your skincare journey.


Brooke & Team (Your ingredient-freak BEE-OCHes)

Fun Fact

*Fragrance * Did you know that this one little word can umbrella up to 200 individual chemical compounds, without having to be listed on the ingredient panel? At BEE-OCH, we never ever use artificial fragrance or hide ingredients from you.