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New subscriptions are here!! Subscribe and Save up to 15% on Any Product or Bundle! :black_heart: Free Shipping on orders $99+ :black_heart: FREE Gift with every $100 Spent!

Are you a V.i.BEE??

Hi lovely, 

Beautiful rolling green hills, hazy mountain sunsets, and some of the nicest people you’ve ever met. That was our experience in Sheridan, Wyoming this past weekend for “Born in a Barn” market (a show that is worth the trip if you can make it next year!)

Every time we set up at a market, it brings me back to where this all beegan. Ultimately, it brings me back to you all who have been reading this blog for 8 years and it reminds me exactly why I write them. To keep in touch. 

It is amazing the number of connections I get to make about something as personal as our skin. The stories you share, sometimes triumph that you’ve finally found a product that works and sometimes desperation when other routes have failed, are truly incredible and inspiring for me to keep going each day. 

For those of you whom I’ve met in person, I want to say, “thank you” for always beeing here. I hope you never hesitate to consider us a friend, because we consider you ours. Don’t ever bee a stranger, we’re only an email away!

And for those of you who maybe stumbled upon BEE-OCH online, or were recommended by a friend, I want to say, “nice to meet you”. We are likely very much alike in that we share a demand to get to the truth behind the products we use every day. 

Whether you’re new here or we’re old friends, let me ask you a question: If every bottle, jar, and container in the beauty isle were flipped around so you could ONLY read the ingredient panel, would you still know what to buy?

If the answer is “yes”, fabulous! Aaand let’s grab coffee soon 😉

But I’m willing to guess that the answer is a resounding, “No”. Because you’d pretty much have to be a scientist to figure it out!

If you’re wondering “why is this the case? how is that legal? and what can I really do about it?”… then you’re in the right place. And I’d still love to grab coffee soon 🙂 

You’ve probably seen our FacebookInstagram, and TikTok pages where we share an insane amount of nerdy skincare science and tips. (Follow us if you aren’t already – it’s a honey hole for clean skincare snobs like us!)

It’s no different here! Except in our newsletters we also get to spoil the crap out of you… ALL the promotions, ALL the pre-sales, ALL the super in-depth skincare knowledge. ALL the support. It ALL happens right here. We are here just for YOU.

Here’s a list of all the sweet hookups you get by beeing our loyal customer:

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THANK you and HIVE FIVE to this bee-autiful community we have built together! See you soon on social media, at a market, or when your BEE-OCH package arrives at your doorstep to say hello. 


Brooke & Team (Your Best BEE-OCHes)

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Fun Fact

Did you Know? The baking soda in natural deodorant has a slightly high pH and creates a reaction with the naturally lower pH of the skin when applied. The same type of reaction as a bath bomb. Lucky for you, we never use baking soda in our organic deodorant!