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Read between the “cruelty free” lines.

Picture it… Peter Rabbit pleasantly hoppin’ down the bunny trail and WHAM! Snatched up by a stranger. And this stranger isn’t a little girl dressing up her new pet with a cute little vest and top hat. No, this stranger means danger. It’s those chickens working for the beauty industry coming to take revenge for stealing so many eggs.. and they’re ready to poke, prod, and experiment.

Many large cosmetic corporations hide a deeply disturbing secret behind their pretty labels: Animal testing.

And I won’t go into the gory details… if you are concerned about animal welfare and looking for cruelty-free products, you already know about the horrible stuff that happens behind the scenes in order to “make products safe.”

But “cruelty-free” labels are not nearly as straightforward as they seem…

Corporate giants can get away with posting “not tested on animals” on their products when they outsource their testing to a third party. So it’s technically true they’re not testing on animals, but your dollars are still supporting animal cruelty.

That’s why it’s important to research a company before you buy. Decide for yourself if you can trust them with your health and the health of our environment (not to mention the safety of our furry friends).

So, how can you be sure your products are 100% guaranteed cruelty free? Here are a few red flags to watch out for when buying cosmetics and personal care products:

  • Any mention of China, which requires animal testing on beauty products. So if it says “no animal testing,” yet the product is made or sold in China, it is NOT cruelty free.
  • No mention of animal testing at all. This doesn’t mean they definitely test on animals, but it doesn’t mean they don’t either…
  • The statement “This finished product is not tested on animals.” This means some or all the individual ingredients in the product were tested on animals.
  • The product’s parent company. Many giant corporations own brands that claim they don’t test on animals… but at the end of the day, your purchase of those products still line the pockets of animal-testing companies.

A cruelty-free company does NOT test its finished products (or any of the ingredients used in its finished products) on animals. Many of these companies carry an authentic “cruelty-free” label on their products… Like BEE-OCH!

BEE-OCH Organics products are never ever tested on animals. We test with panels of human volunteers before releasing a new product. We bee-lieve in making every product clean, green, safe, and cruelty-free. Just look for the bunny!

One simple, swift way to cut out toxic chemicals and animal cruelty from your daily routine is with BEE-OCH Organic Mosquito Repellent or our Mineral Sunscreen Sticks.

Both products are made with only 6 simple and organic ingredients that are gentle enough for all ages, yet powerful enough to be effective.

The Mineral Sun Sticks are made with non-nano zinc oxide, so they are not only NOT tested on animals, but they’re safe for marine life as well (you know, as Nemo says.. all drains lead to the ocean).

Our Organic Mosquito Repellent is made completely DEET-free and smells fabulous with organic cedarwood and geranium essential oils. Bonus? It’s been proven effective in all parts of the world from Hawaii to Honduras, and even Norway and Bali. A small amount goes a very long way and there’s also a refill for the handy pump bottles!

Brooke (your bunny-loving BEE-OCH)

Fun Fact

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