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How Can I Tell One CBD from Another

❓There are so many names for hemp and CBD and I get this question all the time, so thought I’d give you the run down!

The following are the different CBD materials extracted from the industrial hemp plant, starting with the least refined.

Every step is the material resulting from the next (more refined) distillation process until you get nothing but pure CBD.

???? 1. Crude Oil: the least refined form of hemp oil and typically only sold in dispensaries because of higher THC content – contains all parts if the hemp plant.

???? 2. Full Spectrum CBD Distillate: 70-80% CBD, 0.3% THC, plus “terpenes” that give hemp its distinct taste and smell. Synonyms: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

???? 3. Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate: the same as Full Spectrum but with all the THC distilled out. Synonyms: Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

???? 4. Isolate: most refined type of CBD, usually made with IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) extraction and contains up 95-99% pure CBD and is also THC-free.

All of these CBD types can be found in topical, ingestible, and ????able products so read the label!

⚠️ Side note: Hemp SEED Oil is NOT CBD… labels are tricky because they will use verbiage like “blank mg of Hemp Seed Oil” making you think it is CBD. Hemp Seed Oil is merely the carrier oil extracted from the seed itself and contains no CBD, THC, or any other cannabinoids.

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