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How NOT to Be Fooled By CBD Labels

Hi Lovely, 

I see this all the time and I can promise that you aren’t alone.
But it’s going to be ok, because I’m about to turn you into an expert on reading CBD labels.
Beecause there are so many terms that can be interpreted in different ways if you don’t know what to look for.
For example, if a label states “500mg CBD” vs. “500mg Hemp Extract”
Aren’t they the same thing?
And I can’t really go any further without telling you about the THREE different kinds of CBD.
Eyes and ears open?
You already know from my last email (link here to read:__) that *legal* CBD MUST come from the industrial hemp plant.
The industrial hemp plant is just the same as the regular plant but has been carefully bred and selected to have higher amounts of CBD and lower amounts of THC (regular plants are bred and selected for the opposite).

Still with me?
Then, there are THREE different “levels” of refinement when it comes to extracting CBD from the industrial hemp plant.
So let’s go from plant to bottle, shall we?
First, something called “Crude oil” is extracted from the industrial hemp plant.
Crude Oil is a solid, really thick, dark, “tar-like” consistency that typically comes to mind when you think “crude oil”.
Crude oil cannot be sold to the public because it still contains THC levels over 0.3%. However, it is the first step in CBD refinement so I’m adding it here.
From crude oil, the *majority* of the THC and excess plant materials are filtered out, leaving something called “Full Spectrum Hemp Extract”.
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is the least refined CBD. Raw extract is typically still a solid and contains all THREE of the main plant parts in CBD products:

  1. CBD
  2. Trace Amounts of THC (up to 0.3%)
  3. “Terpenes” (terpenes are basically the essential oil of the hemp plant giving it that distinct color, smell, and flavor – you know, that skunky-ness, for lack of a more appealing word)

Because space is needed for those trace amounts of THC and the Terpenes, the potency of Hemp Extract is typically only 50-60% CBD by volume!
So, when you see “500mg Hemp Extract” – your super smart brain now knows that it’s really only about 250mg of total CBD in the container!

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Is your mind blown yet??
Then, Full Spectrum Extract can be further refined to have all the of the THC filtered out (yes, you are correct, just that 0.3% is removed)
What’s left is something called CBD “Distillate”. Raw distillate is a typically a thick, honey-like consistency and by definition contains TWO of the THREE hemp plant profiles:

  1. CBD
  2. Terpenes (the terpene profile of distillates are much less diverse as some of it leaves along with removing the THC)

Beecause we do not yet have pure CBD, the potency of a CBD Distillate is only about 70-80% CBD by volume.
So, when you see “500mg CBD Distillate”, you’re really only getting about 350-400mg of CBD!
Still with me??
The FINAL and MOST refined type of CBD is something called CBD “Isolate”. Isolate is now a white crystal powder (yes, I know how that sounds).
CBD Isolate has both the THC AND the Terpenes extracted out, leaving nothing but pure CBD!

(Well, it’s actually right around 99% pure CBD because of natural residual waxes left behind, but you get the point.)
So, when you see “500mg CBD Isolate” on the container, you know that you are getting damn near 500mg of total CBD in the container!
And if the company knows what the heck they are doing, they will account for that 1% and make sure you’re getting the full 500mg of CBD in the formulation. (Hint: yes, we know what we’re doing around here!).
Mmmmk, after ALL that – the takeaway is that reading CBD labels can be tricky purely because of verbiage if you don’t know what to look for. (The same goes for skincare, but that’s another day).
Do NOT let these fancy terms fool you into thinking you’re getting more CBD than is really there.
There is a difference between “Total CBD Potency” (the number you actually care about) and “Milligrams of Extract” where the company didn’t bother to do the math for you.
There is a right place and time for each of these THREE types of CBD.
Topically, THC cannot penetrate the skin very well.
So, it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for a Full Spectrum Extract when applied topically.
What’s more, is that Full Spectrum Extract takes up WAY more space to get the same number of milligrams of total CBD than powder Isolate does.
That means it’s really difficult to achieve high potency of CBD Full Spectrum topicals, without affecting the consistency of the formula.  
If, for example, we formulated our 1000mg Organic Menthol CBD Rub with Full Spectrum – we would have to add 2000mg of raw Full Spectrum extract to achieve that potency (plus 1% if you were paying attention!).
Then you’d be stuck applying that thick, honey-like crap to your skin (and BIG hint: it will most often just sit at the surface!).
What’s more, is that formulations with CBD Isolate are much more desired because there is 0 (ZERO!) risk of testing positive for THC in a screening.
Yes, even though CBD Distillate is supposed to have *ALL* the THC extracted out, I have seen with my own two eyes COAs (certificates of Analysis) with up to 0.1% final THC content, but still labelled with claims of THC-free. That’s gotta sting!
Lucky for you, you have a pretty nerdy BEE-OCH in your corner!
Our CBD Topical products that are formulated for pain and/or inflammation are formulated with CBD Isolate (all except CBD Facial Toner and CBD Pillow Mist).
But, regardless of the type of CBD we use, we aren’t here to trick you.

All of our CBD products are labelled with TOTAL CBD POTENCY.

And whether you use our CBD products or not, we are here to help you understand.
It’s really difficult to switch between brands (or even find a comparable product when you run out) when you have so much labelling discrepancy.
Especially when you have brands that still put 500mg “CBD Oil” on the label. That’s just ignorant! It doesn’t tell you anything!

Or when it just says “Hemp Oil” on the label with no milligrams – that’s not CBD at all, it’s ONLY the terpenes.

So, if you’re not sure about the potency of the CBD you have on hand, go ahead and send me a quick pic of your CBD labels.

Or if you’re ready to stop screwing around with companies that just hopped on the CBD train last week, let me know how we can help you get you the relief you’re looking for!
Brooke & Team (Your nerdy BEE-OCHes)

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Fun Fact

Double cleansing means to loosen and lieft dirt, makeup, and sunscreen first (typically with an oil-based cleanser such as BEE-OCH 5-in-1 Skin Whip) and then to cleanse again with a regular water-based cleanser such as soap, cream, or micellar water. Even if you are simply removing makeup as a separate step from cleansing, that’s double cleansing!