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Federal Dumb Arses – Stinging Truth About Sunscreen

Hi Lovely,

Can I ask you a serious question?

Are you a religious sunscreen wearer?

I mean, are you applying everyday like you should?

If so, I applaud you – bravo! UV exposure is THE #1 cause of the signs of skin aging (and is arguably becoming increasingly dangerous)

BUT, I have some stinging news…

After decades of considering all sunscreen “safer” than no sunscreen at all, the FDA has determined that most commercial formulations are absorbing into the bloodstream at higher concentrations than what they consider safe.

In fact, up until recently, they assumed that sunscreen doesn’t absorb into the skin at all…

Take a look for yourself! Screenshot directly from the FDA website!

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“Theoretical concern”!?

If that isn’t dumb arse, I don’t know what is.

I mean, that’s literally how most sunscreens work!

Chemical UV filters such as avobenzone, oxybenzone, homosalate, and octinoxate (to name a few – quad?) absorb deep into the skin in order to sit on top of your melanocytes (you know, the super-cool cells that give you a tan and protect your DNA from UV damage).

Once the UV filters find their spot in your skin, they scatter UV rays into heat energy to prevent sunburn. Cool, right?

Super cool.

Until you remember that, to your cells, these chemical UV filters look just like hormones….

And they behave as such in your body!

Here’s more from the same article – the contradictions are insane here, and obvious with this one sentence “substances that active ingredients are changed to in the body after absorption”. 

But wait, I thought sunscreen actives don’t absorb into the skin??

The dumb arsery continues.

Have a look for yourself at the study the FDA has referenced…

The study included 4 commercial sunscreens applied 4 times per day for 4 days…

And the levels exceeded the FDA’s “safe” metrics after day ONE!

According to the EWG (Environmental Working Group) the ONLY safe sunscreen actives that DO NOT absorb into your skin are MINERALS – Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.

These are physical barriers that sit on top of your skin and simply reflect UV back out into the atmosphere.

It’s like putting on a white t-shirt…

Simple as that. 

Check out this sunscreen chart published by the EWG:

One last thing.

Yes, there are inhalation concerns for Zinc and Titanium dioxide from a manufacturing standpoint because raw Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are loose powders. There are inhalation concerns with ANY type of loose powder or aerosol product.

This isn’t science, it’s common sense. Don’t breathe in powders or aerosols. Problem solved.

BEEcause we won’t stand for that toxic and contradictory nonsense, we have formulated the absolute SAFEST and CLEANEST sunscreen you can possibly find. Made with non-nano Zinc Oxide and ZERO chemical UV filters.

And beecause we want to protect YOU, not just our bottom line, you’ll find only 6 super-clean and organic ingredients on the label!

Pro-tip! Beware of “greenwashed” labels! It really sends me on a buzzing spiral when I see sunscreen labeled as “Mineral” on the front, but contain BOTH minerals and chemical UV filters in the active ingredient list. 

In a perfect world, full ingredient panels would be written on the FRONT, not the back (Did I just came up with a new brand idea?)

Have a look for yourself at our no BEE.S. ingredient panel…

  • Super Clean and Simple ingredients – CHECK!
  • ONLY Mineral Actives – CHECK!
  • Reef Safe – CHECK!
  • Water-repelling organic oils and beeswax – CHECK!
  • Safe for all ages – CHECK!
  • Non-greasy Finish – CHECK!
  • Super Easy to Apply Twist up Tube – CHECK!

Fun Fact

Pro Tip: Wear sweat bands around your wrists when cleansing your face to keep your sleeves dry!