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Pollen Points - How to Check & Redeem

BEE-OCH Rewards!

Create a BEE-OCH account to get exclusive perks:

  • 300 bonus points when you confirm your account

  • 5 pollen points for every $1 spent right here at bee-och.com

  • More Bonus Points for sharing on Facebook and Instagram

  • Enter your birthday for a special gift on your special day

  • Get a unique Rewards Link to send $10 off to a friend (get $10 in return when they use your link to complete a purchase!)

  • Accumulate Pollen Points to redeem for a variety of discounts

  • Check current order statuses and tracking numbers and view previous orders

How to Check Your Pollen Points

1. Login to your account 

2. Click the rewards launcher (the black and white Crown Icon) at the bottom corner of any page. Note: Bottom right on a mobile device and bottom left on a desktop. (This popup menu is where all the magic happens! Scroll down within that menu to find the birthday editor and your unique referral link to copy and share.)

3. At the top of the launcher, it reads "Welcome to BEE-OCH Rewards" -or- if you have points will instead show your current points at the top.

How to Redeem Your Pollen Points

4. Still in the rewards launcher, click "Ways to Redeem". Your available discounts will have a blue "redeem" button next to them. The other discounts will show how many more points you need to get them.

5. Choose the reward you would like to redeem for the listed number of points and click "Redeem" next to it.

6. The next screen will have a unique promo code for you to copy and enter at checkout -or- you can click "Apply Code" to to have it automatically added to your cart*.

*Note: the auto-applied code will not stay in your cart if you leave the site and come back, but you can always come back to this same rewards menu to copy or add your discount code again. The code will remain active until it has been used. 


I am signed up for your newsletter, am I still earning points?

The rewards program and the email newsletter are two separate things. In order to receive our newsletter, sign up in the form towards the bottom of our main page here. To receive rewards, log in or create an account here.

Can I combine discounts with rewards?

Unfortunately, since the rewards are redeemed in the form of a promo code used at checkout, we cannot combine rewards with any other discount codes. 

Why didn't I get points for my referral?

Similar to the rewards code *note above, the referral points can only be added if an order is completed directly from your link (for example, they cannot leave and come back or they will need to come back through your referral link).