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HIS - CBD Muscle Bomb with Activated Charcoal

HIS - CBD Muscle Bomb with Activated Charcoal

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These CBD Muscle Bath Bombs are for the men who aren't afraid to carve out some self-care. Unleash this bomb in the tub for relieving a day of hard work that's got you aching all over.

Made with the favorite new masculine blend of:

• Organic Cedar, Fir, Black Pepper, and a hint of Mint

• Detoxifying Activated Charcoal

• 50 MG of muscle and joint-soothing CBD from industrial hemp

Unwinds sore muscle and joints and reduces stress for a night of deep sleep. You put in the muscle all day, let this CBD Muscle Bomb melt the sting away!


Ingredients: Epsom salts, baking soda, corn starch, *sunflower oil, *cedarwood oil, *fir oil, water, *black pepper oil, *juniper oil, *peppermint oil, vanilla extract in jojoba oil, 50mg cannabidiol from industrial hemp. 100% THC-free.

*Organic ingredient