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Queen Bee's Ingredient Vault

Here at BEE-OCH, we buzz tirelessly to formulate our products the absolute cleanest you can possibly find. But not all "natural" ingredients are up to the queen BEE-OCHes standards. Ingredient for ingredient, find out why our ingredients are superior and essential to skin health:

**This is a NEW section of the website and we will be adding more and more ingredients soon**

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil: This miracle oil absorbs so quickly into the skin that it takes merely seconds to hydrate. It can penetrate all 5 layers of the epidermis, delivering essential fatty acids and vitamins A & E fast and deep within the skin to truly hydrate and rejuvenate dry, malnourished skin for all the glow without the oily feel. Used in a great majority of our leave-on moisturizer products, and a fabulous base for our facial oils and serums because of it's non-comedogenic properties. 

 Organic Safflower Oil: This carrier oil is a favorite for making fast-absorbing formulations. It is high in linoleic acid meaning it can penetrate deep into the skin and also works to inhibit tyrosinase; the enzyme responsible for creating melanin in sun spots.